Black Rice, in its original form (also known as Purple Rice or Forbidden Rice) is a kind of sticky rice which is one of several black colored heirloom plants producing rice variants such as Indonesian black rice and Thai jasmine black rice. It is high in nutritional value and contains 18 amino acids, iron, zinc, copper, carotene, and several important vitamins.  It is a deep black color and turns deep purple when cooked. Its dark purple color is primarily due to its antho-cyanin content, which is higher by weight than that of other colored grains but more limited in the number of different antho-cyanin species present. 

Purple Rice, sometimes called the "Forbidden Rice," or "Royalty Rice," is a special strain of rice that grows in Thailand.   As legend has it, PurpleRice got its name because it was so nutritionally beneficial that only the emperors were allowed to eat it. When consumed, Purple Rice bypasses digestion and directly feeds the body’s cells with amino acids and poly-saccharide peptides so the cells can make more energy. Once your cells are healthy the whole body responds with improved health on every level.  It is a type of rice that is richest in powerful disease-fighting antioxidants, but it also contains dietary fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, and has the ability to help stop the development of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even weight gain according to many people who have tried it

Purple rice has been eaten in regions of Asia for thousands of years; in fact, for centuries it was reserved only for royalty. As the story goes, Purple Rice was only allowed to be served in the Chinese royal court, as a tribute to the Kangxi emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Chinese Emperors, their consorts and warriors going into battle, took this rice, believing the medicinal properties were excellent and would ensure their health and longevity. In fact, information about the purple rice was not allowed outside the palace walls, above all consuming it without approval from royalty could have life threatening consequences, thus it was called Forbidden Rice.

Rice is the staple food for most of the people in different countries. Today, this type of rice is picking up in popularity and popping up more frequently across the US, Latin America and Europe, as people discover the numerous health benefits that whole grain Purple Rice has to offer.

Most importantly, this "Forbidden Rice" (Purple Rice) is a super food and although it was once reserved only for Chinese Royalty, it is now readily available for YOU & I.

According to studies and research conducted, Purple Rice contains antho-cyanins and antioxidants that give the rice its unusual deep purple color. In fact, purple rice contains more antioxidants than blueberries, so it has superior anti-aging properties. Also high in protein and iron, purple rice is loaded with Vitamin E, fiber, and anti-inflammatory properties,  

Purple Rice is amazing in its potential to extend the length and quality of life.


Purple Rice has been linked to many health benefits and successes; and recent research suggests that there may be many more that we’re currently not aware of. Consumption of purple rice, in its purest form, has been linked to marked decreases in risk for dangerous conditions such as heart disease and cancer. High blood pressure, circulation and overall blood health also seems to be maintained well by those who add Purple Rice to their diet. Because this special type of rice is considered to be anti-inflammatory and a great source of antioxidants, it may be useful in avoiding long term problems like Alzheimer’s and Diabetes.

Some of the possible Health Benefits of taking Purple Rice are:
  • prevention of cancer
  • prevention of diabetes
  • prevention of heart disease
  • Lower Cholesterol levels
  • prevention of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Prevention of Heart Attacks

Purple Rice is fast becoming the new “it” organic food that everyone is talking about; and the attention it’s getting is well-deserved. The myriad of health benefits that this wonderfully ‘nutty’ grain provides are staggering; it is truly one of those foods that could potentially cure diseases and solve problems.

If you are considering adding this wonderful grain to your diet, keep reading to learn how you can obtain your own Purple Rice.


Well, three (3) strains of the rice were identified as the most exceptional and were then cross pollinated to produce a superior strain. Using nano-technology, the rice is milled into a super-fine, concentrated powder (100 pounds of rice makes 1 pound of powder), so fine that when taken on an empty stomach, it bypasses digestion, enters into the blood stream, and then on to directly feed the cells. Once the cells have this high-quality nutrition, the mitochondria (an organism in every cell) produces more ATP or energy, giving the body the energy it needs to heal itself.

The result...Purple Rice powder, PXP  Organic, raw purple rice in a concentrated powder is available as Alfa PXP RoyalePXP is cellular nutrition for optimal health.   It is a functional food with BioReady Nutrients™ that help fight premature aging, reduces stress, increases stamina, helps prevent wrinkles by improving collagen production so the skin stays elastic and supple, improves circulation and overall cellular nutrition, and even more significant health changes start taking place, including relief from some very serious ailments. 

Alfa PXP Royale nourishes the mitochondria with the poly-saccharide peptides it needs to generate energy, which is crucial for a cell. When being regularly nourished with poly-saccharide peptides, mitochondria are able to absorb glucose and convert it to energy. Super-food, Alfa PXP Royale contains the best antioxidants available, originating from the high quantities of antho-cyanins in purple rice which help the mitochondria get rid of free-radicals, keeping the cells healthy.

So, where do you get your own Purple Rice?

You won’t find it in your health food store but you can find it at: http://myhealthrebuilt.com/shop/

 For more information about purple rice or to place an order, contact: HealthWealthFreedomInfo@gmail.com or visit our FB page as well.

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