Friday, August 26, 2016


Purple Rice

Good News! The once forbidden, PURPLE RICE is available to buy online!  Purple Rice, which was long ago exclusively available only to royalty, is now available to you & I.  This special Purple Rice goes through a milling machine that mills the rice down to one millionth of a unit, so it can easily get into the Mitochondria of your body and increase ATP, the currency of the cells— which gives each cell life. The end of this special milling process results in what we know as PXP.

PXP goes right into the cell of your body, where the Mitochondria uses it as fuel and makes ATP. The Mitochondria is the energy center of the cell. When you start to enhance the Mitochondria, everything changes!  Start taking this special PURPLE RICE and see how the benefit to your health will rapidly show. 

Visit the online store www.myhealthrebuilt.com to buy this special Purple Rice (PXP) that will help boost your immune system and feed your cells for optimal nutrition.

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