Wednesday, June 15, 2016


PXP is the product millions have been searching for. Because of PXP there’s hope, like never before that many chronic health conditions can be dramatically improved—by completely natural means. PXP is a breakthrough on a scale we’ve never seen in our lifetime. 
The results people are getting with PXP are mind-boggling! Besides helping thousands eliminate fatigue and exhaustion, it’s improving dozens of health conditions.
First of all, there’s the ingredients that make up PXP. Those ingredients make up a nutritional profile that is literally undoing many long-term health conditions.
Secondly, and just as important, if not more important, it took a major breakthrough in Bio and Nano technology to create PXP. Years ago a product like PXP wasn’t possible, because the technology to produce it didn’t exist. This technology involves a special 2.5 million dollar nanotechnology-milling machine, which grinds the ingredients in PXP down to one millionth of a unit. Why is that important? Because when it comes to absorbing and utilizing a nutritional supplement, size definitely matters! It takes a very tiny, tiny particle to easily get into the mitochondria of the cell. 
With PXP, amazing things can happen in improving practically any health condition because the particle size is down to a millionth of a unit? Since the particles in PXP are so tiny, they can go right into the power plant, which can produce ATP for your trillions of cells. There’s no other product in the world we know of with a particle size as small as PXP! 
The life-changing ingredients in PXP are 3 special strains of RICE! This is rice on a scale you’ve never heard of before. One of the secrets to PXP lies in the non-GMO CROSS POLLINATING of these 3 special strains. This unique breeding process is a proprietary way of creating a kind of SUPER FUEL—the likes of which has never existed on this planet before. This PXP SUPER FUEL was designed specifically for the Mitochondrial power plants to create an abundance of ATP.
Remember, the more ATP your cells can produce, the more your body can be regenerated—and the more youthful you can become. More ATP is the secret to life itself!
PXP Comes from the Siam Valley of Thailand—the Largest Organic Plantation Treasure on this Earth!
One of the world’s top DNA rice geneticist was responsible for making PXP as powerful as it could possibly be. The rice grains in PXP produce potent polysaccharide peptides that possess unique functional characteristics easily recognized and utilized (in a magnificent way) by your DNA, RNA and genes. The intention with PXP was to create a specific nutrient profile that could target and improve dozens of health conditions.They did it! PXP works like magic. The makers of PXP then incorporated advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy technology for superior quality control.
One more thing that makes the ingredients in PXP so powerful: What few people know is that there’s a very small part of every grain of rice, where practically all the power is. In other words, the power to rejuvenate and rebuild the human body and brain. We call it the “sweet spot” of the rice—or the “eye” of the rice. So the goal with PXP was to concentrate this “sweet spot”, this “power center” of the rice, so that we could benefit from these rare strains of rice like never before. So each bottle of PXP is packed with this power center of the rice. Because of this high concentration of SUPER NUTRIENTS, it takes 100 pounds of rice to make one pound of PXP. 
With PXP you have perhaps the most powerful nutrient profile ever created for the human body. Research shows that PXP has more than a 90% absorption rate, which is practically unheard of in the nutritional supplement industry.
Alfa PXP Forte gives the body the biological fuel it needs and in most cases is lacking. These natural nutrients are recognized by the body to trigger the cells to do their work. No one has ever been able to create a product to do this…until now… 
Alfa PXP Forte is suitable for all ages. It is easily and immediately assimilated into the cells to provide natural food with nutrients from rice that will enhance cell repair and regeneration. Finally a product that will actually help the body do what its supposed to do…”
For more info or to order your PXP, call or text: 954-603-4474 or email: MyHealthRebuilt@gmail.com
Source: GreatestHealthSecret.com

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