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www.myhealthrebuilt.com How long will it take me to feel the effects of PXP?  
Some feel it in a day—many feel it over a period of two to three weeks, while others need 60 to 90 days to experience the profound benefits of PXP. Give PXP time to work and it will do amazing things for you and your family. Every time you take PXP it’s increasing energy (ATP) in the cells and gradually regenerating your body, cell by cell by cell. As thousands have already discovered, this is a transformational experience!  

Why Rice?

The fact is, the researchers and scientists behind PXP tried a number of grains, including corn and soy, but rice proved to be the best by far. Out of these 3000, Enzacta chose 3 exceptionally special strains of rice. Alone, they’re very powerful. But the secret to Alfa PXP lies in the CROSS BREEDING of these 3 strains of rice. This special non-genetically modified breeding process is Enzacta’s proprietary way of creating a SUPER FUEL—the likes of which has never existed before. 

How can rice be so powerful?

If there’s any thing we’ve learned through the discovery of PXP, it’s that there are hidden properties in rice that have never been tapped before—that can do amazing things in improving dozens of health conditions. It took the genius of the researchers, doctors and scientists behind PXP to unleash these properties. Then it took breakthroughs in Bio and Nano technology to make these nutrients available to the Mitochondria—the power plants that make ATP. 

How come other companies aren’t making nutritional supplements the way you make PXP?

The answer is simple: One, they don’t have the technology behind the cross-pollination process, which is required to make this SUPER STRAIN of rice. Two, they don’t have the knowledge and understanding of this unique poly-saccharide peptide technology that makes PXP so powerful. Three, they don’t have the proprietary and very expensive milling machine that mills the rice down to one millionth of a unit, so it can easily get into the Mitochondria and increase ATP, the currency of the cells— which gives each cell life.
PXP goes right into the cell, where the Mitochondria uses it as fuel and makes ATP. The Mitochondria is the energy center of the cell. When you start to enhance the Mitochondria, everything changes? 

Keep in mind, there’s 16 years of research behind PXP. Most supplement companies are just now finding out about it. The makers of PXP are years ahead of the rest of the field. 

To order your PXP, visit: My Health Rebuilt, an online store that carries the special Purple Rice product that is found in PXP. (PXP cannot be purchased at retail.)

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Source: TheGreatestHealthSecret.com 

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