Thursday, May 5, 2016


PXP Comes from Purple Rice, in the Siam Valley of Thailand—the Largest Organic Plantation Treasure on this Earth!

PXP is improving an amazing number of health conditions. Here are the facts: 

Many people are discovering that the consumption of PXP (an Enzacta product, derived from Purple Rice,) helps:
  • fatigue goes away,
  • strengthen your immune system,
  • regulate blood sugar,
  • hormones are more balanced,
  • even out moods,
  • migraine relief
  • relieves symptoms of arthritis
  • helps regulate your blood pressure 
  • reduce stress,
  • memory is improved,
  • sleep is more restful,
  • youthful energy returns, and
  • dozens of health conditions are significantly changed for the better.                  

PXP feeds the body at the cellular level. Once the

cells receive the proper nutrients, they can produce the proper energy for the DNA to start functioning again, or functioning at a higher level. This process begins to put the body back in its natural order. The body can’t function
properly unless it gets the proper energy from the cells that are powered by the mitochondria (the tiny little engines in the cells.)

With PXP, amazing things can happen in improving practically any health condition because the particle size is down to a millionth of a unit. Since the particles in PXP are so tiny, they can go right into the power plant, of your body, which can produce ATP for your trillions of cells. There’s no other product in the world we know of with a particle size as small as PXP!
"Claim back your life. Within your innate blueprint, your body has a plan for health and vitality. Feed the cells and get out of the way! -- Dr. Jack Tips

 Here are some great testimonials to read relating to PXP:

NOTE: To order your PXP, contact HealthWealthFreedomInfo@gmail.com or call  
(954) 800-1251 or go online on the Health Wealth Freedom Facebook page and send us a direct message.   
PXP is not sold in stores and is available exclusively, through selected distributors and IBO's, like My Health Rebuilt or Health Wealth Freedom.

ref. The Greatest Health Secret

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