Monday, May 23, 2016


It has been almost three months since I have not had a migraine or a regular headache for that matter. It may not sound like a lot of time to you but to me, it is huge victory. For those of you who do not know my back story, I am a brain tumor survivor. In 2013, I was diagnosed with a lemon-sized tumor, a meningioma, that thankfully was benign.  Nonetheless, I still had to have a craniotomy (brain surgery) to have the tumor removed.  I also had the beginning symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis according to my blood tests.

As a result of my craniotomy and much to my disappoint, I began to have more headaches, and more migraines after surgery than I did before surgery.  I found out from  my support group for Meningioma survivors, that they call it "Barometer Head," a term I learned about the hard way.  Apparently, after surgery, the barometric pressure affected my head in all kinds of horrible ways.  At first I couldn't figure out why I kept having headaches so frequently if I no longer had a tumor.  I had a titanium plate placed in my skull but was told that should not be a factor.

Later on in my research I learned this:

The International Headache Society identifies seven triggers for weather-related Migraines:
  1. Temperature changes
  2. High humidity
  3. High winds
  4. Stormy weather
  5. Extremely dry conditions
  6. Bright lights and sun glare
  7. Barometric pressure changes   
Dr. Steven Graff-Radford, DDS, the director of the program for headache and oro-facial pain at the Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, offers an explanation: “Barometric pressure changes might affect the pressure in the brain or the way the brain blocks pain, but it’s not quite known. What’s quite clear, however, is that overcast, cloudy and rainy days produce more Migraine headaches,” he said. 

So basically, I learned to deal with it and my summers in South Florida became quite dreadful with the constant rain and change in barometric pressure.  Sure, I would take the occasional Advil, which I am really not suppose to have because I only have one kidney (but that's a whole other story you can read about when I finish my e-book!) but for the most part, I would just "suck it up" and deal with it.  

However, there were some days when the pain was so unbearable I just had to go to my room and curl up in bed in the dark and quiet and let it subside.  It really was not fun at all and quite depressing to think, that I had a craniotomy to alleviate the swelling in my brain only to have constant headaches.  In the next few years it got worse instead of better. I had a follow up MRI and thankfully there was no re-growth of my tumor so I knew it wasn't that, but the headaches & migraines continued.

Early on in 2016, a friend of the family had talked to me about a natural product made from Purple Rice, that comes from Thailand, called PXP. He said that he was giving to his whole family.  He told me that he, his wife and his daughters started their day off with this supplement every morning and it made them feel great.  I thought that was great for them but how was this going to help me?  As time passed, my husband, who had a kidney transplant years earlier began taking this product. I also started to hear more and more stories about other people who were taking PXP and had lowered their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and even some stories about people who had diabetes and it helped them as well. I was hearing stories but still getting headaches. In the meantime, I was going online and doing research, reading about it and trying to learn more about what this so-called, "super-food."  One thing I love to do and am very good at, is internet research!

Finally, around March 2016, I told myself I was going to make a serious effort to try the PXP since I had read so many good things about it and at this point my husband was taking it too, and his blood pressure was getting so much better, so why not? I decided to go with the best line in the product chain and chose the aflaPXP Royale.

At first, I wasn't too sure how I was going to take it since it comes in powder form. Should I drink it straight up? Should I put it in my oatmeal? Should I mix it in my food? I tried it in a large glass of water, then I tried it in a smoothie form but then I was told by my friend that the best way to take it was in its concentrated form.  

I decided to just take the recommended teaspoon of PXP and less than a 1/4 cup of really cold water and just mix it up and drink it.  My husband does the opposite. He boils the water and drinks it like a tea.  Different strokes for different folks, right?

Anyway, I did this religiously every single morning. Sometimes before my coffee, sometimes after.  I found that it really did not matter whether I had coffee first or not, so being a coffee-lover, I opted to keep drinking my cup of coffee first in the a.m.  Actually, to be honest, the FIRST thing I do every morning, is drink water, then coffee, then PXP.

A week passed, two weeks, no headache. Three weeks, a month, two months, no headache. This was rare for me.  Then as May started a huge storm was coming in with lots of rain, thunder and everything else that always made me cringe. Not only were there storms rolling in it was also that "lovely time" of the month for me, which usually would be the "kiss of death" for me in terms of PMS and migraines, but this time NO HEADACHES!  I could not believe it. Barometric changes and PMS and I had no headaches or migraines!  How could I not share this amazing news!  Especially with those people who are also migraine sufferers.

Not only had my migraines subsided but I was not even getting a regular PMS headache! And my early symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis were gone.

As the summer comes to an end (rainy season, here in Florida,) I gladly write my testimonial for PXP and though I may sound like an infomercial to some of you, all I can say is that, this nutritional supplement has helped me enormously. I no longer have to take Advil or Excedrin Migraine or hide away from my children during a migraine attack.  I do not fear rain and thunderstorms, I can actively participate in life without having a headache 2-3 times a week!

This does not necessarily mean I will never get another headache again in my life but it does mean that alfaPXP Royale has brought great relief to my migraines, it has helped me with PMS symptoms, which were dreadful and has helped alleviate my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. And the added bonus....it is helping me lose weight and feel better. about my overall health.  

So now, not only am I a huge fan of PXP, I have become a Personal Development and Health Coach, in an effort to help others.  I will advocate and spread the news about its wonderful nutritional value and continue to write about all the positive life-changing stories I hear about as it relates to alfaPXP.

Little by little I feel like I am rebuilding my health and the best part is, I got rid of my migraines!

I love the Power of PXP!

If you want more information for you or someone you know that may be having health issues, please feel free to contact me:  LissetteRo@gmail.com or read more about it at:  What is PXP?


If you cant to buy PXP directly or any other Enzacta product, you can go to the online store at:  www.myhealthrebuilt.com

Monday, May 16, 2016


Did you know that Forbidden Rice," or "Royalty Rice," is a special strain of rice that grows in Thailand and is amazingly beneficial for your health?

As legend has it, Purple Rice got its name because it was so nutritionally beneficial that only the emperors were allowed to eat it.

Read more on how you can obtain your "purple rice" and optimize your overall health!

Saturday, May 14, 2016



What is PXP and How Does it Affect Your Health?

PXP is a nutritional supplement that is made from Purple Rice.  Purple Rice, sometimes called the "Forbidden Rice," or "Royalty Rice," is a special strain of rice that grows in Thailand.   As legend has it, Purple Rice got its name because it was so nutritionally beneficial that only the emperors were allowed to eat it. 

When consumed, Purple Rice bypasses digestion and directly feeds the body’s cells with amino acids and poly-saccharide peptides so the cells can make more energy. Once your cells are healthy the whole body responds with improved health on every level.  It is a type of rice that is richest in powerful disease-fighting antioxidants, but it also contains dietary fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, and has the ability to help stop the development of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even weight gain according to many people who have tried it.

Using nano-technology, the rice is milled into a super-fine, concentrated powder (100 pounds of rice makes 1 pound of powder), so fine that when taken on an empty stomach, it bypasses digestion, enters into the blood stream, and then on to directly feed the cells. Once the cells have this high-quality nutrition, the mitochondria (an organism in every cell) produces more ATP or energy, giving the body the energy it needs to heal itself.

The result...Purple Rice powder, PXP  Organic, raw purple rice in a concentrated powder is available as Alfa PXP Royale 

PXP is cellular nutrition for optimal health.   It is a functional food with BioReady Nutrients™ that help fight premature aging, reduces stress, increases stamina, helps prevent wrinkles by improving collagen production so the skin stays elastic and supple, improves circulation and overall cellular nutrition, and even more significant health changes start taking place, including relief from some very serious ailments. 

Alfa PXP Royale nourishes the mitochondria with the poly-saccharide peptides it needs to generate energy, which is crucial for a cell. When being regularly nourished with poly-saccharide peptides, mitochondria are able to absorb glucose and convert it to energy. Super-food, Alfa PXP Royale contains the best antioxidants available, originating from the high quantities of antho-cyanins in purple rice which help the mitochondria get rid of free-radicals, keeping the cells healthy.

PXP is the new "it" go-to "Super Food" in benefiting overall health. 

Some of the possible Health Benefits of taking alfaPXP Royale are:
  • prevention of cancer 
  • prevention of diabetes 
  • prevention of heart disease 
  • lower Cholesterol levels 
  • prevention of Alzheimer's disease. 
  • prevention of Heart Attacks
  • fatigue goes away,
  • strengthen your immune system,
  • regulate blood sugar,
  • hormones are more balanced,
  • moods are evened out,
  • reduce stress,
  • memory is improved,
  • sleep is more restful,
  • youthful energy returns,
  • dozens of health conditions are significantly changed for the better.

PXP is not available in retail stores.  To obtain your alfaPXP Royale, you can go online and visit MyHealthRebuilt.com or call (954) 800-1251 to order.  

You can also email:  HealthWealthFreedomInfo@gmail.com to obtain more information on shipping, pricing etc... 


Monday, May 9, 2016


Have you ever stopped to think what we are doing to do our bodies?  Why we feel so tired all the time?  Why so many people are dying of cancer? Why there are so many diabetics? Why so many people are tired all the time and lack energy? Stop and think for a minute, the "stuff" we put into our bodies.  

Our bodies are vehicles for our souls and generally-speaking, we are putting in the lowest, cheapest  "fuel" in our vehicles.  What are we doing to maintain our health?  What are YOU doing?
If you are having health issues, the nutritional supplement, PXP can be life changing! Seriously! 
The root of almost all disease is based at a cellular level , especially what we "feed our cells!" 

Remember 7th grade science? There was a lot to learn then, and today as adults all those scientific terms are quite applicable, like ATP and the Mitochondria. Did you know that ATP is literally what’s keeping you alive? ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the energy that drives your trillions of cells. You’ve got to have it—plenty of it—if you want to really enjoy life.   
The Mitochondria are literally the power plants of your cells. Some doctors and scientist consider the mitochondria to be a kind of “fountain of youth” within your body. They are the secret to the life force behind each and every cell. 

"If you want to turn back the hands of time, “It’s all about the mitochondria!!” That’s the secret to staying young—and feeling younger… day by day by day," Dr. Dan Clark. 
Our bodies and health are deteriorating little by little, with what we are putting in it and exposing it to.  Consequently, cancer is rampant, tumors are common place and overall health is pretty lousy. People are constantly tired and run down, never really able to catch up on sleep and feel good naturally. This is of course, does not apply to everyone but in general, you have to agree that we are hearing of more and more people with diseases that by now could have been eradicated.

Click on the link below to read more on how you can feed your body and supplement it with the right nutrients. For some of you, it can life-altering!  

If you are interested in a personal consultation on how you can obtain your PXP, go to Health Wealth Freedom - IBO  or email:  HealthWealthFreedomInfo@gmail.com.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


PXP Comes from Purple Rice, in the Siam Valley of Thailand—the Largest Organic Plantation Treasure on this Earth!

PXP is improving an amazing number of health conditions. Here are the facts: 

Many people are discovering that the consumption of PXP (an Enzacta product, derived from Purple Rice,) helps:
  • fatigue goes away,
  • strengthen your immune system,
  • regulate blood sugar,
  • hormones are more balanced,
  • even out moods,
  • migraine relief
  • relieves symptoms of arthritis
  • helps regulate your blood pressure 
  • reduce stress,
  • memory is improved,
  • sleep is more restful,
  • youthful energy returns, and
  • dozens of health conditions are significantly changed for the better.                  

PXP feeds the body at the cellular level. Once the

cells receive the proper nutrients, they can produce the proper energy for the DNA to start functioning again, or functioning at a higher level. This process begins to put the body back in its natural order. The body can’t function
properly unless it gets the proper energy from the cells that are powered by the mitochondria (the tiny little engines in the cells.)

With PXP, amazing things can happen in improving practically any health condition because the particle size is down to a millionth of a unit. Since the particles in PXP are so tiny, they can go right into the power plant, of your body, which can produce ATP for your trillions of cells. There’s no other product in the world we know of with a particle size as small as PXP!
"Claim back your life. Within your innate blueprint, your body has a plan for health and vitality. Feed the cells and get out of the way! -- Dr. Jack Tips

 Here are some great testimonials to read relating to PXP:

NOTE: To order your PXP, contact HealthWealthFreedomInfo@gmail.com or call  
(954) 800-1251 or go online on the Health Wealth Freedom Facebook page and send us a direct message.   
PXP is not sold in stores and is available exclusively, through selected distributors and IBO's, like My Health Rebuilt or Health Wealth Freedom.

ref. The Greatest Health Secret

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Do you look in the mirror and see wrinkled skin? Do you press up on your cheek and your skin no longer bounces back youthfully? Well, unfortunately, years of excess sun exposure can cause collagen to break down, damaging valuable DNA, and causing what skin cells are rejuvenated to be produced at a slower rate. Also, the intake of excess sugar ages the skin, causing cross-links in the collagen that make it less light and elastic.   

When you are constantly overloading sugars into your system, this causes the collagen in your skin to age faster. It’s a process known as glycation.  Glycation occurs in all living cells and is a process where excess sugar molecules attach themselves to lipid or protein molecules forming Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) or Glycotoxins.

UNDEW Facial Serum is an exclusive and innovative anti-glycation product created with European technology. Specially formulated for ENZACTA, this product helps to reverse the damage and signs of premature aging due to glycation. As sugar molecules enter the body’s system, they migrate and attach to fat and protein cells – a process often referred to as glycation.  When sugar molecules attach to these fat and protein fibers, they become discolored, weak, stiff and malformed, producing what is known as sugar by-products or advanced glycation end products. This in turn, presents itself in the form of wrinkles, saggy skin, and a loss of radiance.

While glycation can't be completely stopped, it can be slowed. By using UNDEW Facial Serum daily, your skin will have a healthier appearance and glow.  

Proven results > Look younger in just 60 days.

Clinical study participants, on average, reported having: 

44% less facial fatigue    
51% less fine lines and wrinkles  
37% less under eye bags  
27% less dullness in complexion 
 65% more firmness
 40% less under eye circles

Apply to a clean and dry face, neck and under eye area, gently massaging until completely absorbed. For best results, apply in the morning and at night before your moisturizer and/or sun block. Safe for all skin types.

*Results may vary depending on lifestyle, age and physical make-up.

An Anti-Glycation Breakthrough!

Visit: Health Wealth Freedom

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