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For centuries there lay behind Chinese palace walls a secret weapon being carefully protected and guarded. This secret was "purple rice."   The consumption of this rice was limited to the emperors of the lost powerful dynasties in Asia, their families, and the warriors who rode into battle for them.

Now, this potent rice has been rediscovered and unveiled in Enzacta's alfa PXP Forte

ENZACTA calls this healthy functional food, "Royalty Rice."

This specific strain of rice is rich in antho-cyanins and has a higher level of nutrients and amino acids that can be found in any other rice family. alfa PXP ROYALE contains all the nutritional benefits of alfa PXP FORTE but with an extra boost in antioxidant.

BENEFITS of Alfa PXP Royale
1. The normalization of cholesterol levels. They work similarly to statins, the cholesterol-lowering molecules found in pharmaceutical products. 

2. Positive anti-inflammatory effects are often experienced by people who suffer from chronic degenerative diseases. 

3. Reduction in elevated blood-sugar levels in diabetics. 

4. Reduction in the pain caused by different types of arthritis. 

5. Blockage of "bad cholesterol" molecule deposits from the artery walls, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

6. Obesity prevention through the inhibition or interception of digestive enzymes that break down sugars and proteins, taking them directly to the colon. This helps to block calories and prevent weight gain, high blood-sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. 

7. Slowing of degeneration of the skin. 

8. Preservation of sexual functioning. 

9. Improves memory, ability to learn, and speed of analysis and critical thinking. 

*It also helps keep the mind positive and benefits those who suffer from Alzheimer's, Parksinson's, M.S., amyotrophic lateral paralysis and other degenerative brain diseases. *

  • Highly BioReady.
  • Protects the prostate from cancer
  • When ingested, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Due to its low molecular weight and high biochemical compatibility with the cell membranes, easily penetrates natural barriers, going from the bloodstream to the cerebral spinal fluid.

Contact HealthWealthFreedom - IBO to learn how you can obtain your PXP ("Royalty Rice.")

SOURCE: (ref. www.enzacta.com)

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